Monday, 18 May 2009

Emu adventures

Well these Emu pets of ours keep me on my toes, now they want to play ball with our dogs.

They all run after the toys when we toss them around the yard, our pets act like kids at xmas time.

We have enlarged the watering hole with an island of plants in the middle, the 3 Emus nudge each other for the deepest patch, so we'll have to level it to the depth they enjoy.

I planted many seeds and plants around the swales we made, not sure how many will survive the pets curiosity. They just have to peck at every plant & shrub.

When I hang out the washing the Emus & dogs hover around me like it is a new adventure.

You wouldn't think the clothes line would be so interesting, the task takes time now due to increased playtime with the animals. : )

The Emus have a taste for the dog food these days, so the pellets are now feeding the wild birds, still there is a beautiful energy in my backyard and it just keeps getting better.

Wish I could take them all for a walk.

My neighbour is the local that takes in the injured & sick wildlife or anything that's not human actually. I see her in the morning take her 4 dogs & goats for a walk, it is a real sight to see.

At least I'm not the only crazed animal lover.

My family of pets are now lazying around in the sun, content and motionless gives me time to post.


missguidedkat said...

Hi Robyn,

Wonderful read on this beautiful Monday morning.
And by the way



outback self help said...

Thanks Kat
good to see you.

you have a good day too and hope to catch up soon