Friday, 1 May 2009

Dream2Extreme MissguidedKat

Have you ever read something thats touches your soul?

I came across MGK through a forum I belong to. She is a wonderful writer who just vibrates through her words.

She calls herself Miss Guided Kat, but there is nothing miss guided about her, take a look at an example of her writing Words written in stone . see what I mean her words leave you wanting more, even on the forum when she comments you feel drawn to read every line. I haven't come across many writers like that.

Kat lives in Las Vagas in the United States and here is a snip it from her about page.
At the very essence of who I am, words fall short to describe. However, if we are talking personality traits here....I can only say, you never know who you are going to meet in me at any given moment.

MGK is a natural born storyteller actually I could call her a fable writer. when I read these blog entries I tend to flow from one perception to another when I went to creative writing classes years ago. It was instilled to us that a good writer can write with layers so that any reader can relate on various levels. Well Kat does that well.

Here is another example Weeds can Show Way if you would like to know more about MGT take a peek at her blog Dream2Extreme and enjoy!!!!


Tammy L Veilleux said...

I am blessed enough to know Kat through the forum and beyond. She is an amazing person. She has much to offer the world. I'm glad you thought to share her site with the world.


Sheila said...

I love Kats stories too. She always brings a smile.


outback self help said...

Tammy: thank you for your comment, I am glad she has such great friends.

Shelia: Great that you enjoyed Kats stories too, I can see she enjoys sharing.

missguidedkat said...

Truly touched, (holding back tears)

At first glance, the fable comment went a little over my head.
But, today the memories surfaced and I understood.
Thru-out my life, friends & family have referred to me as "the philoshopher".
The point:
For anyone who does not fully understand the importance of the information that young children are subjected to..........
My absolute FAVORITE cartoon when I was very young was "Aesop's Fables and my most memorable subject learned in Jr. High was "Greek Mythology".
Thank you all for the kind words.

Martha Giffen said...

Kat is an awesome writer and very insightful too! I have come to adore her through the forum :)

Martha Giffen

outback self help said...

Hi Kat

well I am happy that you enjoyed this article.
thanks for coming

Hi Martha.
thanks for calling in, the forums Has a great bunch of people, I am glad I joined. : )

Claus D Jensen said...

Hi Robyn,
great post!

You have chosen a real angle to praise! Kat is blessed with a talent for touching peoples hearts with her writing!


outback self help said...

thanks Claus

I thank you for stopping by, yes Her writing is very pleasent to read I am glad I am not the only one who enjoys her work.

Take care