Monday, 18 May 2009

Emu adventures

Well these Emu pets of ours keep me on my toes, now they want to play ball with our dogs.

They all run after the toys when we toss them around the yard, our pets act like kids at xmas time.

We have enlarged the watering hole with an island of plants in the middle, the 3 Emus nudge each other for the deepest patch, so we'll have to level it to the depth they enjoy.

I planted many seeds and plants around the swales we made, not sure how many will survive the pets curiosity. They just have to peck at every plant & shrub.

When I hang out the washing the Emus & dogs hover around me like it is a new adventure.

You wouldn't think the clothes line would be so interesting, the task takes time now due to increased playtime with the animals. : )

The Emus have a taste for the dog food these days, so the pellets are now feeding the wild birds, still there is a beautiful energy in my backyard and it just keeps getting better.

Wish I could take them all for a walk.

My neighbour is the local that takes in the injured & sick wildlife or anything that's not human actually. I see her in the morning take her 4 dogs & goats for a walk, it is a real sight to see.

At least I'm not the only crazed animal lover.

My family of pets are now lazying around in the sun, content and motionless gives me time to post.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Twitter Traffic Machine part 2

It has been 1 week since I have implemented Twitter Traffic Machine . I had approx 100 followers, now 7 days later I have 458, without trying to hard.

I have updated a few things, the direct message I use when someone follows me and my feeds.

The content feeds that were going on Twitter were not what I wanted, they had peoples affiliate links and articles that were not relevant to my interests, so I changed those and I'll be testing over the coming week.

I have set the feeds for every 12 hrs, as I want to have a more subtle presence.

The programmes around this product are great research tools and I am expecting a change in the type of followers now that I have narrowed down my interests in the systems.

I am manually tweeting when I feel like it, especially while I am experimenting with it.

I stopped using the affiliate link that came with the step by step instructions. I am more interested in learning how the different programmes work with each other and seeing what I want to incorporate in my on line business.

Very pleasing results so far.

relates to post Twitter Traffic Machine Bill Crosby
Enjoy being inspired

Friday, 1 May 2009

How to be a Psychic

As a professional Reader I am often asked how can someone become psychic.

First off I believe everyone is naturally psychic.
Most use the ability in their jobs or hobbie, it’s that normal & natural that the average person is unaware that they are tapping in.
So I always provide exercises for them to do so that the individual can prove to themselves that they are capable.

Here are a couple to get you started.

1 – Grab 6 to 7 photos and place them individually into envelopes & seal. Next number them and mix them up, so you don’t know which photo you are tuning into.
Now grab your first envelope and shut your eyes for focus and write on the envelop everything you think, see or taste. It can be easier if you ask questions.
What sex is the person?
How many people in the photo?
What’s the weather like in the photo?
Where in the world is this photo taken?
What is the health of these people?
Is this person working?
What activity is this person doing?? Etc, etc, etc
After you have processed all your photos, open them and read what applies, as some will be future, you may need to wait a while for your proof. You will surprise yourself at how accurate you are.

2- See your own Aura: stand in front of a mirror, focus on the tip of your left shoulder for no more than 5 minutes. If you have never tried this before, you may see the outline which is white and after that you will get use to seeing all the other colours.........or as some of my students have found, see a spirit.

I trust this is helpful & your enjoy exploring your natural abilities.
Please leave your comment I would be interested in your results
Enjoy being inspired

What would you ask before coming to the Outback?

Today I'd like to do something different, what would be the main questions you would ask before coming to the outback.

I remember before we came here some 10 years ago we searched the net and found very little.
What we did find was outdated and to be honest not many in town had a computer let alone venture using it online.

So how can I help you with your questions of outback life in Australia.

I live in a very remote part and use to organise housing for new comers, I found that most had no idea of the lifestyle they were entering.

So please feel free to comment on what you would like to know.

Dream2Extreme MissguidedKat

Have you ever read something thats touches your soul?

I came across MGK through a forum I belong to. She is a wonderful writer who just vibrates through her words.

She calls herself Miss Guided Kat, but there is nothing miss guided about her, take a look at an example of her writing Words written in stone . see what I mean her words leave you wanting more, even on the forum when she comments you feel drawn to read every line. I haven't come across many writers like that.

Kat lives in Las Vagas in the United States and here is a snip it from her about page.
At the very essence of who I am, words fall short to describe. However, if we are talking personality traits here....I can only say, you never know who you are going to meet in me at any given moment.

MGK is a natural born storyteller actually I could call her a fable writer. when I read these blog entries I tend to flow from one perception to another when I went to creative writing classes years ago. It was instilled to us that a good writer can write with layers so that any reader can relate on various levels. Well Kat does that well.

Here is another example Weeds can Show Way if you would like to know more about MGT take a peek at her blog Dream2Extreme and enjoy!!!!

Twitter Traffic Machine Bill Crosby

I was introduced to Bill Crosby the creator of Twitter Traffic Machine the other day.
I now understand so many different programs through this one introduction.

His easy explainations about Bitly, Twollo, Twellow, Twitterlater, Twitterkarma & Twitter was so helpful to my Internet education.

If you really want to find out about other people with your interests I suggest you look it up.
Since meeting, sharing & learning from so many people in the last month I have snowballed my on line presence.

Things have definitly changed since the 90s

I have usually stayed away from social networking, but it has opened up my network & communication skills to such an extent, that I had to share it here and encourage anyone in the outback to take a look around.
Since implimenting the TTM within 3 short days, I went from 100 to 400 followers on Twitter, Bill believes you can gain 16,000 followers within 90 days, so far so good. I'll update in 90 days and let you know what happened.

Bill Crosby is an interesting person who's interests include Real Estate Investing and he calls himself a Social Media Evangelist. He's funny, smart and a real computer geek, that looks right into how things work and then shares what he has learnt.

If you want to know more about the Twitter Traffic Machine

Enjoy the information & be inspired