Thursday, 16 October 2008

My Backyard

Well I have 3 emus living in my backyard
7 emus were left with no father, so we volunteered to bring them to town and the plan was to give them to a good home as several persons in our town, care for the homeless ones.
we gave 4 to one such person and we cared for the other 3 until we sourced a home.
1 of ours and one of the 4 died, we believe due to them fretting for each other.
They sick together and won't move alone.
We thought we had best hang on to them until they were strong.
My hubby made them a hut to sleep in and the local veggie man provided their fresh food, they are great at eating away the weeds.
We have two large dogs a malamute "Dakota" and a crossed great dame/ bull mastive "Judge". they were not at all friendly to the emus, so we kept them seperated.
we would lock up the dogs, while we let the emus have run of the back yard, which is rather large.
Now a couple of months later wander around each other as if they are all family.
I can watch them for ages, they are funny when they are eating. they get a leaf, fling it in the air and grab what they can while they do it. sometimes they are smart and stand on the leaf, but not often.
Hubby built them a water hole to lie in, he had to make it large enough for all 3 to lie down. they love to sun bake that way.
For fun they pick on Judge and nibble at his feet, he allows them until they annoy his head. Poor Judge, he is very tolerant with them.
I am grateful for the experience these Emus have brought into our backyard,They are doing very well and providing the whole family with enjoyment.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Inspired Trip to Perth Day 2 Friday

Early morning and we woke up to some great news.
Taryn was an Aunty for the first time.

We all decided to go into Geraldton to enjoy a cooked breakfast before we all went our separate ways.
We found a lovely café with seats outside and who was sitting there enjoying her breakfast, Anita.
Talk about going with the flow of life.

We chatted, ate and wished each other farewell.

Anita & I made our way to the bus station to embark on our journey it was 8:am.
Every bus driver we came accross to & from all our destinations and even the in between stops seemed to know Anita : ). we had stimulating conversation most of the way.
Perth was 430kms, the trip went super fast.
We arrived at 2:30pm.

Every time I go to Perth it always rains and by belief system wasn’t disappointed.
As soon as we were off the bus a perfect day broke into rain.
I have decided to change my thinking when it comes to Perth.

Photo by Jonathan Pang

I hadn’t been on a train for some years so I was like a kid enjoying every moment, even though it was full and I had to stand.

We were here in the heart of the city, First thing was to buy junk food (we can't buy it in Meekatharra) and sit somewhere nice outside to eat.
Within that short time, so much was observed by us, that I could write a blog on that alone.

When you live in the Outback and then venture to the city, trust me you notice things.

There is so much power humming, tons of people, vehicles, traffic lights and way too many choices when it comes to purchases.
People seemed to be in a hurry. Yet we saw so many strangers helping each other, it was great to see.

After our meal we walked around to view sights and noticed changes like an underground railway station and extra skyscrapers etc.
Then Anita walked me to the bus station where we separated until the next morning.

I took a delightful trip to the suburb where I was staying and caught up with another friend Jussy, her son Locky and my daughter Gyan, who goes to school in Perth.

Gyan being a teenager was pleased to see me but even more excited about going to a party and within an hour of me arriving she was gone.

That left me having a girly night with Jussy, which was great to chat & relax after the days travel.

That was the end of day 2 full of Magic Insights

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Inspired Trip to Perth Day 1 Thursday

My friend Anita & I wanted to be inspired, we believe in the law of attraction and set about creating.

We decided to go to an event 850kms away in Perth called the "Unlimited Power 2008"

We booked our tickets and were surprised when we were given them as complementary gifts.

Next thing was to book the trip. As Anita has an eye impediment, she & her Guide can travel on the bus for free : ), so the tickets were organised.

It meant travelling to Geraldton 530kms from Meekatharra, staying the night then head to Perth Friday.

We left Meekatharra Thursday morning at 8am and chatted all the way, it was comfortable & the trip went fast.
We arrived at 3:30pm and had a celebration drink at a local watering hole.

We spent the night in Geraldton with our individual friends and family.

I had a great time, my son Rowan had recently obtained his drivers licence and I was so proud when he picked me up and we went driving.

Rowan, Taryn (a friend) & I all spent the night with another friend Rhonda.
Rhonda had brought a new electric lawn mower, which she hadn't used before.
We decided that the lawn needed mowing and while Rhonda prepared a meal, we all took turns in mowing the lawn. Rhonda had a go too, it was fun and we reflected merrily on our accomplishment.

Taryn is engaged to be married, we're excited for her and shared suggestions on making the day great.
Rowan is halfway through his apprenticeship, we spoke about his future plans and we gave him tips on what woman liked, for when he starts seriously dating.
Rhonda is forever creating uses for unwanted items that get tossed by others, she showed us many things each had it's own story. she’s amazing.

We ate and drank the night away, sharing stories and generally catching up.

It was 2am before we all hit the sack.

I'm glad it wasn't a direct route to Perth or I would of missed out on all the magic moments of the day.

Stay tuned for day 2 and be inspired

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Inspired Cooking

Robyn’s Pumpkin Scones
2 oz butter
1 cup cold mashed pumpkin
1 egg
2 cups SR Flour
Half cup sugar

Cream butter & sugar
Add egg and remainder ingredients
Bake in mod/hot oven 10 to 15 minutes
I cook them in muffin tins.

Robyn’s Chocolate Slice
1 cup coconut
1 cup SR Flour
3/4 cup sugar
2 tablespoons Cocoa
2 tablespoons milk powder
1 egg
4 oz melted butter
3 drops vanilla essence

Add all together and cook at 180 for 15 to 20 minutes
Ice with chocolate icing and sprinkle coconut.

I placed these two items as part of my Family Receipe Book.

To Inspire all those out there who say they cannot cook.

Both receipes are fast and easy, so you have no excuses

enjoy !!!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Secret

The movie "The Secret" is a must see for those that need a lift in their thoughts.

It speaks of Gratitude and being grateful for what you already have.

Too many people focus on the negative issues, instead of realising that life can be the total opposite if they were to focus on the positive.

To help with the shift in ones thinking being grateful first thing every morning can have a profound effect on what you attract to yourself through out the day.

Some ask what can I be grateful for and mention all the hardships in their life.
Well here are a few things to get you started.

I am grateful for my health: If I was not healthy I could not achieve the many tasks that go with day-to-day life.

I am grateful to have people that love me: and I think of each one separately and all the things that I am grateful to them for.

I am grateful to have a roof over my head each night: unlike many in other countries

I m grateful for my dogs: that are overwhelmed to see me each morning

You get the point.

After being grateful, I focus my thoughts on what I want to happen as if it has already happened and in my life.

By this stage I am ready to start my day and everything flows with balance.

To get your own perception on "The Secret" I recommend this site, have a browse and let me know what you think.

What Is The Secret

Enjoy being inspired