Friday, 1 May 2009

Twitter Traffic Machine Bill Crosby

I was introduced to Bill Crosby the creator of Twitter Traffic Machine the other day.
I now understand so many different programs through this one introduction.

His easy explainations about Bitly, Twollo, Twellow, Twitterlater, Twitterkarma & Twitter was so helpful to my Internet education.

If you really want to find out about other people with your interests I suggest you look it up.
Since meeting, sharing & learning from so many people in the last month I have snowballed my on line presence.

Things have definitly changed since the 90s

I have usually stayed away from social networking, but it has opened up my network & communication skills to such an extent, that I had to share it here and encourage anyone in the outback to take a look around.
Since implimenting the TTM within 3 short days, I went from 100 to 400 followers on Twitter, Bill believes you can gain 16,000 followers within 90 days, so far so good. I'll update in 90 days and let you know what happened.

Bill Crosby is an interesting person who's interests include Real Estate Investing and he calls himself a Social Media Evangelist. He's funny, smart and a real computer geek, that looks right into how things work and then shares what he has learnt.

If you want to know more about the Twitter Traffic Machine

Enjoy the information & be inspired

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