Sunday, 25 November 2007

Mind Movies

When I first decided I wanted a more creative & fun lifestyle I came across MindMovies.
Mindmovies is a creation kit to develop your own movie of what you want in life
I found that I could focus clearly on my life plan by using this tool

My Lifeplan
My Health
My Relationships
My Spiritual Life
My Career
My Financial Life
My Emotional life

I found it easy to create, the hard part was coming up with a list of all the things I wanted.
Once I completed my movie I placed it on a DVD so I could watch it on TV, There is nothing better than watching your own creation.

Natalie & Ryan provide easy to follow instructions to create your own movie, with many hints & aides to inspire you even more.

For examples of Mind Movies

I watch it daily to inspire myself before the day starts.
I am grateful to the people behind such ideas that motivate others.
Since making my movie I have been inspired to action other projects within my computer talents.

I hope you enjoy making movies as I have
Be good to yourself
Regards Robyn

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Outback Psychics & More

Here is a couple of outback people that wanted information to be available to those they did not travel to the cities.

They were touring Western Australia every 6 weeks in the late 90s,
published the Mystic Gazette and held Expos in Perth.

Their web site Psychics & More is full of articles regarding Psychic areas
You can ask Questions and Receive readings if you require.

They are based in the outback town of Meekatharra in Western Australia.
You can view photos : )

Welcome to my Blog

I have just created my blog,
Feel free to add questions of interest regarding the outback or associated topics
stay tuned