Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Twitter Traffic Machine part 2

It has been 1 week since I have implemented Twitter Traffic Machine . I had approx 100 followers, now 7 days later I have 458, without trying to hard.

I have updated a few things, the direct message I use when someone follows me and my feeds.

The content feeds that were going on Twitter were not what I wanted, they had peoples affiliate links and articles that were not relevant to my interests, so I changed those and I'll be testing over the coming week.

I have set the feeds for every 12 hrs, as I want to have a more subtle presence.

The programmes around this product are great research tools and I am expecting a change in the type of followers now that I have narrowed down my interests in the systems.

I am manually tweeting when I feel like it, especially while I am experimenting with it.

I stopped using the affiliate link that came with the step by step instructions. I am more interested in learning how the different programmes work with each other and seeing what I want to incorporate in my on line business.

Very pleasing results so far.

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