Monday, 22 June 2009

Seafood in the Outback

Yes thats right, Seafood in the outback.

The guys from Geraldton 530kms west, drive out once a month to make us seafood lovers happy.

I have just noticed they have a website, where you can order on line to be delivered on the next round.

They also have a large amount of recipies on the site including sause recipies.

The website is state wide, so no matter where you live they will deliver. The specials are handy too.

An example for July is Fishermans baskets for 4, organge roughy & Apple pie, serves 12 to 14 ppl.

They normally park up on the main street in Meekatharra and visit most businesses in town. if you phone, they will fax you a price list.

So for all you outback workers, miners, station owners that are new to our area. You'll be pleased to visit this site.

Enjoy !!!

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