Friday, 1 May 2009

What would you ask before coming to the Outback?

Today I'd like to do something different, what would be the main questions you would ask before coming to the outback.

I remember before we came here some 10 years ago we searched the net and found very little.
What we did find was outdated and to be honest not many in town had a computer let alone venture using it online.

So how can I help you with your questions of outback life in Australia.

I live in a very remote part and use to organise housing for new comers, I found that most had no idea of the lifestyle they were entering.

So please feel free to comment on what you would like to know.


Sheila said...

I would most likely ask a lot of questions. I am one of those people that has to be prepared.

I would ask about clothing, drinking water, and fresh food?

Internet availability, shopping?

Weather conditions.

Are there spooky animals around?

outback self help said...

Hi Sheila

great questions, I will add to a future post and let you know once it is finished.

spooky animals??, what type do you regards as spooky, I don't like spiders myself.

Claus D jensen said...

Hi Robyn!
I once visited Australia, and did a lot of birdwatching. I would have loved to sleep on the ground under the sky, but I was a bit scared... So I stayed in a tent..
Do you sometimes sleep under the sky?
Is it safe? How do you avoid to be "visited" by spiders and other poisoness anamals?

C ya!


outback self help said...

Hi Claus

I am becoming interested in bird watching myself, since I am drawing alot of different types of wild birds these days.

when out bush I sleep in a swag on top of a cot (stretcher bed) or a tent, mainly for protection from the weather.

Many people sleep on trampolines here in summer rather than in houses as it gets to hot.
nothing better than being under the stars that way.

To avoid spiders and snakes you just need to be off the ground a bit or in a closed in tent.

I have never had any incidents while sleeping out bush.They generally avoid people. Dingos and lizards usually are looking for water.

There have been a few snakes in my back yard at times, generally in spring when they are on the move. I have only had one chase me.

Thanks for stopping by. I am going to put an article together to cover interest areas from this question.

Have a good day

Claus D jensen said...


Australia is the best regarding birdwatching!!

I think I saw around 350 species...

I found some "natives" that took me on some great tours!


outback self help said...

wow Claus

I would love to find out more about your bird watching.

feel free to provide a guest post one day when you feel inspired.
there are so many questions in my mind.

thanks for the visit and it's great how you pull thoughts for me to think about.

Great to see you as always