Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Inspired Trip to Perth Day 2 Friday

Early morning and we woke up to some great news.
Taryn was an Aunty for the first time.

We all decided to go into Geraldton to enjoy a cooked breakfast before we all went our separate ways.
We found a lovely café with seats outside and who was sitting there enjoying her breakfast, Anita.
Talk about going with the flow of life.

We chatted, ate and wished each other farewell.

Anita & I made our way to the bus station to embark on our journey it was 8:am.
Every bus driver we came accross to & from all our destinations and even the in between stops seemed to know Anita : ). we had stimulating conversation most of the way.
Perth was 430kms, the trip went super fast.
We arrived at 2:30pm.

Every time I go to Perth it always rains and by belief system wasn’t disappointed.
As soon as we were off the bus a perfect day broke into rain.
I have decided to change my thinking when it comes to Perth.

Photo by Jonathan Pang

I hadn’t been on a train for some years so I was like a kid enjoying every moment, even though it was full and I had to stand.

We were here in the heart of the city, First thing was to buy junk food (we can't buy it in Meekatharra) and sit somewhere nice outside to eat.
Within that short time, so much was observed by us, that I could write a blog on that alone.

When you live in the Outback and then venture to the city, trust me you notice things.

There is so much power humming, tons of people, vehicles, traffic lights and way too many choices when it comes to purchases.
People seemed to be in a hurry. Yet we saw so many strangers helping each other, it was great to see.

After our meal we walked around to view sights and noticed changes like an underground railway station and extra skyscrapers etc.
Then Anita walked me to the bus station where we separated until the next morning.

I took a delightful trip to the suburb where I was staying and caught up with another friend Jussy, her son Locky and my daughter Gyan, who goes to school in Perth.

Gyan being a teenager was pleased to see me but even more excited about going to a party and within an hour of me arriving she was gone.

That left me having a girly night with Jussy, which was great to chat & relax after the days travel.

That was the end of day 2 full of Magic Insights

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