Thursday, 16 October 2008

My Backyard

Well I have 3 emus living in my backyard
7 emus were left with no father, so we volunteered to bring them to town and the plan was to give them to a good home as several persons in our town, care for the homeless ones.
we gave 4 to one such person and we cared for the other 3 until we sourced a home.
1 of ours and one of the 4 died, we believe due to them fretting for each other.
They sick together and won't move alone.
We thought we had best hang on to them until they were strong.
My hubby made them a hut to sleep in and the local veggie man provided their fresh food, they are great at eating away the weeds.
We have two large dogs a malamute "Dakota" and a crossed great dame/ bull mastive "Judge". they were not at all friendly to the emus, so we kept them seperated.
we would lock up the dogs, while we let the emus have run of the back yard, which is rather large.
Now a couple of months later wander around each other as if they are all family.
I can watch them for ages, they are funny when they are eating. they get a leaf, fling it in the air and grab what they can while they do it. sometimes they are smart and stand on the leaf, but not often.
Hubby built them a water hole to lie in, he had to make it large enough for all 3 to lie down. they love to sun bake that way.
For fun they pick on Judge and nibble at his feet, he allows them until they annoy his head. Poor Judge, he is very tolerant with them.
I am grateful for the experience these Emus have brought into our backyard,They are doing very well and providing the whole family with enjoyment.

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