Sunday, 23 March 2008

Inspired Trip to Perth Day 1 Thursday

My friend Anita & I wanted to be inspired, we believe in the law of attraction and set about creating.

We decided to go to an event 850kms away in Perth called the "Unlimited Power 2008"

We booked our tickets and were surprised when we were given them as complementary gifts.

Next thing was to book the trip. As Anita has an eye impediment, she & her Guide can travel on the bus for free : ), so the tickets were organised.

It meant travelling to Geraldton 530kms from Meekatharra, staying the night then head to Perth Friday.

We left Meekatharra Thursday morning at 8am and chatted all the way, it was comfortable & the trip went fast.
We arrived at 3:30pm and had a celebration drink at a local watering hole.

We spent the night in Geraldton with our individual friends and family.

I had a great time, my son Rowan had recently obtained his drivers licence and I was so proud when he picked me up and we went driving.

Rowan, Taryn (a friend) & I all spent the night with another friend Rhonda.
Rhonda had brought a new electric lawn mower, which she hadn't used before.
We decided that the lawn needed mowing and while Rhonda prepared a meal, we all took turns in mowing the lawn. Rhonda had a go too, it was fun and we reflected merrily on our accomplishment.

Taryn is engaged to be married, we're excited for her and shared suggestions on making the day great.
Rowan is halfway through his apprenticeship, we spoke about his future plans and we gave him tips on what woman liked, for when he starts seriously dating.
Rhonda is forever creating uses for unwanted items that get tossed by others, she showed us many things each had it's own story. she’s amazing.

We ate and drank the night away, sharing stories and generally catching up.

It was 2am before we all hit the sack.

I'm glad it wasn't a direct route to Perth or I would of missed out on all the magic moments of the day.

Stay tuned for day 2 and be inspired

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