Saturday, 27 June 2009

Emus Back to the Bush

I have been putting off writing this post until I was sure the Emus were successfully returned to the outback.

About 3 weeks ago we returned our 3 Emus that were 10 months old back into the bush.

raising them as babies and watching them go was hard, but it was always our plan to raise them to the point where they can take care of themselves, it came quicker than I had expected.

we opened the back gate which backs on to the outback and that was it.

They took a while to take their first steps out of the yard. Once out they were happy exploring.

Towns people have reported there on goings over the past few weeks. So we know they are healthy & doing well, they are still close though, but we have had a fair bit of rain lately which is unusual so they are not short of water, which was our main concern.

We knew they would be ok with the Dingos as they were giving the dogs a bit of curry the weeks up to their release.

I do miss them, but glad we spent time with them and gave these guys a chance at life.

I consider myself fortunate that they shared my backyard.


Out of Nowhere - Claus said...


great to hear about the emus!

Must have been exiting to raise them - and to set them free again!

Thank for sharing!

Claus :-)

outback self help said...

Gday Claus

Good to see you!

It was certainly an experience.

Its good to share time with other living creations every now and then eh.

I know the Emus were amazed by my family as well, so it was a two way thing. : )

cya next time