Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I was searching other blogs for topics that relate to the 3 Emus I have in my backyard, when I came across a blog post on Quandongs.

I was informed that Quandongs are Emus favourite food. So I need to know what the plant/tree looks like.
After reading the post I am inspired to add it to my food forest, Apparently they grow naturally around me.

It sounds like the type of fruit I'd like to eat, so the Emus will have to learn to share.

It is beautifully presented and provides tips on it's uses.

If you are like me and are unsure what they look like follow this link to the blog
Quandong Fruit in the Outback



Claus D jensen said...

Hi Robyn,

Wow Emus in the backyard!

Are they wild?

I once was in Australia, and me being a birdwatcher, I was in Paradise!!

And yes, I did see Emus!!

Greetings from Denmark,

outback self help said...

Hi Claus

yes I have 3 wild Emus.
the story http://outbackselfhelp.blogspot.com/2008/10/my-backyard.html is related to how I came acorss them.

Glad you visited Australia and saw them for yourself.

they are amazing creatures and now taller than me at 10 months old.

mind you I am only 5 ft.

thanks for your comment