Monday, 10 December 2007

Pay it Forward

I watched a DVD I hadn't seen for a while "Pay it Forward"
Where an 11 year old boy had an assignment.

To Think of an idea to change the world and put it into Action.
He came up with pay it forward.
1 person has to do 3 big favours for 3 other people and in turn those 3 people help 3 other people each.
I was watching all the different belief systems that this boy came up against and the way people relate, the point was that even 1 person that carried out the task made a difference or a change in someone else's' life.

That's what I have always lived by.
If you can inspire or influence 1 persons life for their betterment then it is worth something.
And when they ask how to pay me back, I always say, help someone else out one day.

Christmas is always a good time for seeing these kinds of acts unfold.
My 2 girlfriends & I use to find a few people in our town that were needing upliftment and we would make these gift hampers full of all sorts of items and deliver them at night, so that they never knew where they came from and so not feel embarssed or overwhelmed by others lending a hand.
The joy we use to get from giving that way and sneaking around to make sure we were not seen.
It was so much fun and it was amazing to attract the right things at the right time for those we uplifted.

In my outback town there are 2 such instances where others uplift and make a difference.

Every Christmas morning around 7, The Fire Services truck with a few men, a Santa & lollies take to the town and go to every single home.
My children are now in their mid teens & still love the idea of the truck driving around to give them lollies.

The Veterans Association cook up a Christmas lunch for whom ever is left in town.
And even though I have my family at home I like to share in the company, have a swim or hear the many stories, it's a great way to spend the afternoon.

We maybe in the outback, but I am so proud of the people in my town that give that extra service to others.

I assume you are wondering where in Meekatharra do I hire DVDS........well again thanks to the net.
There are 2 outlets we can order from and although they are thousands of kilometers away, it only takes a short time for them to arrive.

If you haven't seen "Pay it Forward" and you are in an isolated area you can order through here. or
there is now a foundation
Enjoy being inspired this week
Regards Robyn

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