Friday, 16 July 2010

Socail Media

Have you ever wondered why"Socail Media" gets all the attention lately?
First it was chat rooms, then instant messager, fourms, groups.
Now we have Blogger, wordpress, Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, You tube & My Space just to mention a few.
The constant change can be tiring without the right introduction or tools.

Now I am learning all about Pages in Face Book :) yet again more learning.
Being a baby boomer I am striving to keep up. I am grateful to the many bloggers, fourms and article writers that help myself and others a long the way.
However this time I have invested in some help. So if you would like to see how I am progressing during this learning curve. Visit facebook pages, look up outback selfhelp on facebook and if you like what you see please Like the page.
Over the next 3 weeks you will see some interesting developments.
I will post on this blog my thoughts on the matter.

As always be good to yourself and enjoy!!!

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