Sunday, 25 November 2007

Mind Movies

When I first decided I wanted a more creative & fun lifestyle I came across MindMovies.
Mindmovies is a creation kit to develop your own movie of what you want in life
I found that I could focus clearly on my life plan by using this tool

My Lifeplan
My Health
My Relationships
My Spiritual Life
My Career
My Financial Life
My Emotional life

I found it easy to create, the hard part was coming up with a list of all the things I wanted.
Once I completed my movie I placed it on a DVD so I could watch it on TV, There is nothing better than watching your own creation.

Natalie & Ryan provide easy to follow instructions to create your own movie, with many hints & aides to inspire you even more.

For examples of Mind Movies

I watch it daily to inspire myself before the day starts.
I am grateful to the people behind such ideas that motivate others.
Since making my movie I have been inspired to action other projects within my computer talents.

I hope you enjoy making movies as I have
Be good to yourself
Regards Robyn

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